Metallurgical Engineer

Metallurgical Engineer B.Sc in Metallurgy or Materials Science or equivalent experience in the metals industry • Key member of the startup and commissioning team for the newly installed automotive sheet production path.
• Process and product development for automotive panel sheet and other rolled products
• Identification of critical product characteristics and critical process parameters
• Structured problem solving of issues arising out of equipment startup, during production ramp up and customer qualifications
• Monitor and continuously improve a steady state process path that delivers the highest quality auto panel sheet and other products to a variety of established international customers
• Customer qualifications
• Develop & implement a quality management system resulting in certification to ISO 9001 and TS16949
The successful candidate will have excellent English verbal and writing skills, and must be able to effectively operate in a multicultural work environment. Experience in developing metallurgical practices for both heat treatable and non heat treatable aluminum alloys is a plus.