Automation Engineer and Main Operator

Main Operator Diploma in Technology or Equivalent Minimum 8-10 years technical work experience in operations field. Prefereably in the steel, aluminum or similar industries.
Automation Engineer/ B.Sc in Electrical or Control Systems Engineering
+5 years of technical experience in a similar field.
Monitors and services the automation systems Automotive Sheet line.
Maintains, amends and writes process control software.
Areas of responsibility include HMI systems, operator work stations, process work stations, reporting systems, technological work stations, and interfaces to IT systems.
Monitors and examines the origin of apparent process faults in support of operations staff investigations, by tracing the signal flow through and within the software.
Makes control measurements of process signals at the process interface which he analyses to narrow or identify problem areas.
Identifies faults within process hardware down to interface card level, also to inter-related cables and connections.
Identifies and corrects software malfunctions within the automation systems, writing and inserting program corrections or improvements as required.