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Our services for contractors & Job Applicant

Wasfahan group for recruitment under registered number (593) from workforce authority honor to offers the best services from Egyptian workforce throughout years in kingdom of Saudi Arabia and gulf states in all disciplines and various fields.

Wasfahan Group is guarantee areal certified contracts from concerned authorities, our history and experience in recruitment services indicates us. Wasfahan Group working of choosing and selection the best employers whether companies, organizations, schools, factories and hospitals..ect, till saving our clients rights.

Our roles with clients:

  • Discussing the contracts with contractors and clarify all of nuclear points for candidates to avoid any clash between the contractors and employer after travel.
  • We certified employment contracts from concerned authorities ( manpower authority, Egyptian foreign affairs and Saudi Arabia consulate) to reach for higher saving and guarantee our clients rights.
  • We make advertisements and electronic marketing on our website and our social media to announce for all posts.
  • We certified the qualifications from the cultural attaché and consulates as well as the ratification of labor contracts, birth certificates, experience and various other documents and the concerned authority.
  • We follow up with the candidate first step (prepare all of papers to end step , until he arrived at the employer.

Recommendations before doing the interview:

  1. Concerning of external appearance and organize well for interview.
  2. Establishing strong CV include (qualifications / experience certificates/ personal photo).
  3. Be carefully to arrive before interview to avoid any bad situation may be delay for determine time.
  4. Be Smile and calm.
  5. Be good listener and don’t be rush in answer till the question is finish, also gave clear and accurate answer.
  6. Focus on work objective and what you can add for organization, also speak about achievement in previous works.

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